1. The wait

When doctor decides to admit you for further hospitalisation treatments, nurse will check whether you have a medical card or not. Once nurse proceeds with sending the report to insurance company, generally it’ll take about an hour depending on the queue, for the insurance company to issue a Letter of Guarantee.


  1. Deposits

Hospitals will usually take an amount of deposits which is equivalent to your co-payment. In case one chooses to not pay after receiving the treatment. If you’re unsure of the co-payment in your plan, it is advisable to check with your insurance agents/provider regarding the amount.


  1. Everything is covered by the medical card

NO! Your admission to hospital is not free despite having a medical card. There are certain charges that you must still bear upon discharge from the hospital.


Charges to expect:


  1. Registration charges/ Admission Charges
  • Generally, fees are around RM 5 ~ RM15.


  1. Telephone charges
  • Depending on the amount of usage & hospital.


  1. Excess Room and Board charges
  • the difference between your plan and the wad admitted in to.


  1. Co-Payment
  • There are a few types of co-payment, depending on the plan you’re holding; co-insurance, co-payment and deductible.
  • Co-insurance is a percentage on your bill, usually 10%
  • Co-payment is a fixed amount that you must bear as a part of the bill.
  • Deductible is a fixed amount that you must bear before the medical card kicks in.


(Pls refer to “Co-Payment, Co-insurance and deductible” article for further description)


There you go, these are the common scenarios to expect when admitting to hospital using medical card.


Yi Ling

Wealth Planner

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