A person who is appreciated, will do more than it is expected.

Benefits included:

  • Director’s Million Plan
  • Group Pension Fund
  • Group Life
  • Group Personal accident care
  • Group Critical illness Care
  • Group Medical care

Why You Need:

A director is the pivotal person within the organisation. The director(s) can create massive influences in the performance of the company as they’ll be heavily involved in the strategic planning and execution of the business plan. Therefore a director, holds the key to the company’s long term success and also the company’s downfall. If should anything happen to your director(s), whether in death, disability or critical illness, and they are no longer able to continue their service, It is important to provide the necessary protection to mitigate the loss.

Our Director Protection plan provides the solution to help companies with sufficient cash flow, resolve director’s debts, and provide remuneration for the director and family for his/her excellence service.


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