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LCK & Associates is an insurance agency representing Prudential Malaysia Sdn Bhd, located in Taman Sea, established for almost 30 years since 1989 by Mr. Liew Chin Khew.


For Business

Employees are the heart of any great business. Especially key employees and leaders who may create great financial losses to your company when they are no longer around. We have solutions that can help you manage risk of such losses.

Group Medical Insurance

A plan that helps protect your employee’s health at an affordable rate so that employers can keep attracting good quality.

Employee Retention Benefit

Our robust double rewards program provides the means and benefits you need to retain your key employees.

Company Insurance

Running a company comes with risks, regardless how big or small your company may be. An employee could get injured while performing some tasks.

Keyman Insurance

You have a Key man in your company and Key man are the who is crucial to your business. Therefore, you need key man insurance on those people!

Director Protection Insurance

A person who is appreciated, will do more than it is expected. A director is the pivotal person within the organization.

Owner or Self Employed Business Insurance

Our owner or Self Employed Business Insurance plan is designed to help ensure that you can still continue to provide the financial.

For Personal & Family

Medical Insurance Plan

Easing your pockets with a comprehensive medical protection coverage. We help our clients look into multiple solutions to protect.

Life Insurance Plan

Life insurance is important, especially if your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood.

Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is the process of planning and managing your finances to help achieve your financial dreams in your retired life.

Education Plan

As parents we try to provide our children with the best education that money can buy. That’s why planning ahead is crucial!

Housing Loan MRTA & MLTA

MRTA and MLTA are both mortgage insurance, their end goal is the same, which is to cover your loan, if something unfortunate happens to you.

Think Right

We must “plan our work and work our plan” planning ahead is our practice to stay in control towards achieving our goals

Live Right

We believe in the principle that honesty and ethics are the foundation of success and that any dishonest or unethical action will undermine the basis of this great career opportunity

Learn Right

We believe in developing ourselves, individually and collectively as a team, through continuous and relevant education and training to strengthen our professionalism and personal effective. We believe personal development is the key to a successful life and that “education only ends at the grave”

Work right

we believe in keeping the integrity of our work. To be always present professionally and to always upkeep our standards in the quality of our services

Act right

We believe in the power of Truth. To fail with honour than to win by cheating. We treat our clients with absolute honesty. Our ultimate goal is to build trust in our clients and a long lasting relationship because their trust is our livelihood.

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5 Key Principles of Our Work

We believe that a growing team is a healthy team therefore we believe in the addition of high caliber colleagues who will add new spirit, ideas and challenges to the team.

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